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June 13 2017


I can write slogans. I mean, how hard can it be, right?

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The cast of Friends before Friends

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I can't do both.
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June 02 2017


"Ostatnio mam twarz smutnego idioty i nie mam ochoty do śmiechu. Jest zbyt ładna pogoda i mam zbyt zbolałą duszę, żeby się cieszyć."

Tomek Beksiński

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May 15 2017

Image may contain: text Zofia Kaleta
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April 23 2017


Pijmy wino za kolegów

Nie paliłeś dawniej tyle co dziś,
zapałka ci drży, nielekko nam iść.

Wlejmy kroplę gorzkich żalów do szkła,
nie wstydźmy się słów, nie bójmy się dnia.

Pijmy wino za kolegów,
którym szczęścia w życiu brak.
Za tych, którym zawsze idzie nie tak,
kobiety nie te i zimy zbyt złe.

My, co mamy ciepłą strawę i kąt,
opinię jak łza, przepustkę na ląd.

Pijmy wino za kolegów,
co się niby iskry tlą,
których jakiś Bóg przeznaczył na złom,
pociągi nie te, pogody zbyt złe.

My, co mamy mocne zdrowie, jak skaut,
nie czeka nas głód, nie grozi nam aut.

Pijmy wino za kolegów,
których wciąż omija raut.
Idźmy w taniec malowany na szkle,
bo żona ma żal, do tańca się rwie.

Pimy wino za kolegów do dna,
bo oni to my, a my to już mgła.
Pijmy wino za kolegów do dna,
bo oni to my, a my to już mgła...

Agnieszka Osiecka
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April 12 2017


When you realise that you have to grow up

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Anegdota okołoliteracka: Kiedyś do SPATiF-u wtacza się nawalony Himilsbach i powiada: "Inteligencja, wypierdalać!" Zapada cisza, po czym wstaje Holoubek, kłania się i mówi: "Nie wiem, jak państwo, ale ja wychodzę."
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March 27 2017



#my life in 5 words, 14 letters, and one bracketed action

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What we could’ve been
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March 23 2017

She's so perfect, that I will do anything to meet her.
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March 22 2017

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Digital Photo Collages of Dreamlike Scenes by Hüseyin Sahin

Turkish art director and visual artist Hüseyin Şahin has an uncanny eye for combining disparate photographs into cohesive scenes, where technology, nature, and humankind collide. Sahin works with a variety of digital photographs which he then edits into collages that he shares on Instagram and Behance. (via ARCHatlas)

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March 19 2017

20 Images Of Norwegian Architecture Plucked Straight From A Fairytale



The Norwegian countryside is strewn with architecture that looks better suited to crown the pages of a fairytale book. More commonly known for its Vikings heritage and fjords, these photographs display a wide variety of architectural styles that have been used throughout the Middle Ages to the 19th century in Norway. Check out the stunning collection below.

Crooked and towering wooden churches beckoning like an old crone’s fingers, winding stone path weaving through a forest, hidden waterfalls and lonely wooden cabins overlooking a vast valley at its base are some of the outlandish homes and architectural designs we have featured in this series. Teetering Stave churches, eerie waterfalls cascading down like a creature with its own mind, wooden homes made in the typical Norwegian indigenous style called byggeskikk have none of the linearity or conformity that modern buildings do, and have whimsical elements that heighten its sense of magic.  

Each of these structures below have a particular way of being set into its own environment, standing out from the elements without obstructing nature. Most of the buildings and bridges and pathways have been built with stone and wood balance the scene it has been engineered upon.


Barn In Valldal




Ancient Road Vindhellavegen


Bridge Over Låtefossen Waterfall


Kvednafossen Waterfall In Norway


Old Farmhouses


At The End Of The World, Tjome


Natural Swimming Pool In The Forest


Old House


House In Norway


Fjord Houses


Old Village


Fisherman Hut, Undredal


Bridge In Norway


Rogaland, Gullingen


Lake Bondhus


Small House In Norway


Fairy House In Hunderfossen, Lillehammer


Under The Aurora

h/t: boredpanda

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March 12 2017

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koreaunderground: Jindo Island, in South Korea, is host to one of the world’s most amazing natural phenomenons, called the Moses Miracle. Two times a year, at the beginning of May and in the middle of June, the waters between Jindo and Modo islands split and create a causeway 2.8 km (1.7 miles) long and 40 meters (131 feet) wide. The path lasts for roughly an hour and allows people from both places to meet halfway and celebrate.

March 06 2017


March 05 2017



When there’s too much shit you need to get done at once



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July 10 2015

Słuchaj uważnie ludzi, gdy mówią o innych ludziach w twojej obecności. W dokładnie ten sam sposób będą mówić o tobie podczas twojej nieobecności.
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